Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in Omaha

What is EMDR?

EMDR is an innovative approach to psychotherapy that has helped millions of people relieve many types of psychological and emotional stress due to trauma.* The process addresses deep seated negative beliefs and replaces them with more realistic and adaptive truths. EMDR seeks to resolve issues from the past, relieve the symptoms experienced in the present, and provides a new skills for dealing with the future.

Why is EMDR Unique?

EMDR utilizes the brain’s natural tendency to heal by stimulating both sides of the brain through the use of eye movements, taps, or sounds. This process facilitates dual awareness as the client concentrates on a distressing image or emotional memory while staying grounded in the present by tracking movements or sounds made by the therapist. Multiple research studies have shown that EMDR is highly effective for treating distressing emotional memories and trauma. It resolves current symptoms and creates new neural pathways in the brain that allow the client to view his or her situation more realistically.

Why Choose EMDR?

EMDR integrates elements from traditional therapies, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as well as current brain research. However, EMDR also differs from traditional talk therapy in a number of ways. Most importantly, clients who engage in EMDR often see dramatic improvement in their symptoms in much less time than traditional talk therapy.

Once a distressing memory has been reprocessed, it no longer carries the same emotional charge that it once held. This frees the client to view the world in a new, more adaptive way. After the reprocessing distressing memories, clients notice a decrease in anxiety and depression and an increase in life-satisfaction. Speed is not the issue, however, and it is important to remember that every client has different needs that will affect the length of treatment.

Steven Boman, M.A.

Licensed Mental Health Practitioner
Certified Marriage & Family Therapist
Trained EMDR Therapist in Omaha


EMDR is effective with many mental health conditions. I use EMDR in my practice to address the following issues:



Panic attacks

Post traumatic stress

Problematic relationship patterns

Stress reduction

I recommend EMDR for individual clients with moderate to severe emotional concerns (anxiety, depression, stress, etc.), though individuals with less severe symptoms may benefit from EMDR as well. EMDR dovetails well with ACT, a form of therapy that combines traditional behavioral therapy and meditative practices such as mindfulness. ACT skills can help clients manage stress while doing EMDR therapy.

*Traumatic life events often underly psychological and emotional difficulties. Trauma includes experiences when bad things happen, such as abuse, loss or a serious accident. But trauma can also include events when good things don’t happen, such as not being adequately nurtured by or connected to caregivers during during childhood.

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